Do your relatives come from the Czech Republic? Did your grandparents leave the Czech Republic in search of a better life abroad? Or were they forced to leave? Are you interested in learning more about your origin, or discovering your family tree and its secrets? Now, you can learn more about the lives of your ancestors – their profession, place of residence, even their cause of death. Genealogy enables you to choose from various forms of family research.

An ahnentafel tells you how far in history you can trace back your ancestors. It includes only married couples without their children (going as far back in history as possible).

A family tree will show you all the various branches of your lineage (it includes married couples and their children in lineal ancestry). Apart from these two most common forms, there are also other ways to explore your family history depending on your own requirements and wishes.

The result will be presented in a special genealogy software, giving you all the known information regarding the lives of your ancestors. In addition, I can provide a photo documentation of selected register documents or municipality documents.

And how to start? It’s very simple. Just give me the oldest known family name, death certificates, marriage certificates, or other documents.

If you’re up for even a bigger adventure and want to discover your family history yourself and only need an advice or a translation of register documents written in the kurrent script, do not hesitate to contact me. I will be pleased to help you.